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Save more with VIC Solar Rebate
All eligible Melbourne homeowners and business can get following solar rebates and government incentives

- $1400 Solar Rebate from Solar Victoria
- $1400 Interest Free Loan
- $3500 Solar Victoria Battery Rebate
- $3500 Solar Victoria Business Rebate
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All eligible homeowners can get a solar panel rebate for up to $1,400 plus another $1,400 Government interest-free loan.

Monthly Installment $29.17

Looking to Cut Electricity Bills?

Switch to solar energy

It’s rare for environmental and cash-saving benefits to go hand-in-hand, but solar energy offers just that.

Solar energy is clean and renewable energy, reducing
demand for coal-fired power – and our electricity bills.
Australians are fans of rooftop solar systems and their environmental and economic benefits.

Over 1 in 4 homes are already using solar systems to cleanly and quietly generate power, and reduce electricity bills. Solar hot
water systems are also popular for heating water using renewable energy.

Save hundreds on your energy bill every year by investing in solar systems for your residential or commercial building.

Even if you don’t use 100% of the energy you produce, your solar system
will reduce your utility bills by selling your excess solar energy back into
the grid and accruing credits with your energy provider.

Why Choosing Solar Today

Tier 1 Mono Modules

All our solar panels are Tier 1 panels, they are produced by manufacturers that score well on experience, bankability and technical performance. 

100% Australian Owned

Our entire operation from start to finish is based here in Australia – And very likely to be in a local office near you.

Australian Warranties

We only supply solar products that have Australian Offices or distributors, if anything goes wrong, you can easily find the correct person to resolve the issue.

One stop Services

We provide comprehensive services from bill assessment to grid connection.

Quality Assurance

All systems are designed and installed by Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers and Designers.

Active Monitoring

Faults can happen. Rely on the power of patented algorithms to detect and diagnose faults or underperformance immediately.

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