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What is a solar panel?

A solar panel converts light energy into electricity without causing pollution.


What is a grid connected solar power system?

When the solar panels on your roof are connected to your existing commercial electricity supply, the system is said to be grid connected.


Why use solar power?

It is quiet, clean energy and reduces electricity bills. • It avoids the impacts of fossil fuel power stations such as greenhouse gas emissions and local air pollution. • It can add value to your house, and make an interesting and unique architectural feature.


What are benefits from solar panels?

We not only reduce the amount of CO2 generation in our environment but we also reduce the amount of water that requires making electricity.


What size solar power system should I buy?

Any size Grid Connect solar power system will make an impact on reducing pollution and decreasing your electricity bill. Under the new Solar Credits scheme about to be introduced, the first 1.5kw of solar panels receive 5 times as many RECs as anything over that size. You can buy a larger system, but will only receive a single value RECs for the extra panels.


How much will it cost?

Thanks to the Solar Credit scheme the cost to the customer is minimal.


What are Solar Credits and how do they work?

Solar Credits are the proposed scheme to replace the previous rebates program. They are effectively an industry funded, rather than government funded discount to solar purchasers. In effect you will receive an up front discount from your solar supplier based on the size of your solar system. The solar company will use this discount to create Renewable Energy Credits similar to shares and then try to sell these to electricity companies who must buy them to offset their carbon emissions. For the next 2 years, the households are allowed to claim 5 times the normal amount of RECs for the first 1.5KW worth of supply.


What is a feed-in tariff?

This is the price the government says must be paid for the power produced by your solar panels.


How does the electricity retailer know how much to bill me when I am producing some of my own power?

In most cases the electricity meter records the electricity your solar panels send to the grid as well as the energy consumed from the grid.


If I have solar electric panels, does that mean I won’t have electricity when it’s dark, cloudy or raining?

Solar panels do need light to produce electricity.


How many solar panels do I need to run my house?

This depends on how much power you use. A solar panel has an area of 1.35 square meters, and a Grid Connect System will take up a minimum roof area, starting from about 12 square meters. We can design a system to meet 100% of your electricity needs, or to the size or budget you require.


Do I need home building insurance to install?

No, but Home and Contents insurance is a good idea if you have solar panels. As with all major household purchases, make sure that your solar power system is included.


What if my roof doesn’t face north?

North-facing roofs are ideal for solar power, but most systems can work up to an angle of 45 degrees off North, or a system can be designed on a side-pitch array frame for East, and West Facing roofs. Solar panels installed onto flat roofs can be tilted to face the sun.


If I move home, can I take the solar panels with me?

You could take your solar power system down and re-install it at your new house provided the roof of the new house is suitable. Or, you could include it in the selling price of your house.


How long does the solar installation take?

A typical installation typically takes one to two days depending on your property. We will inspect your site to determine the ease of installation. The installation includes connection of the solar system to mains power, installation of the inverter, and installation of the solar panels and framing. Installation does not include the changeover of the electrical meter – this will be charged to you by the electricity provider, and the meter normally gets changed two weeks following the installation.


Why does my meter get changed over?

The meter must be changed so your electricity retailer can read the amount of solar electricity you export so they can credit your account.


Do solar power systems ever pay themselves back?

The solar system will produce 100% Green Energy every sunny day. A solar power system is a long-term investment with a typical payback or around 5 years if the feed-in tariff comes into effect. However, as prices go up, the payback will shorten.


Is it more expensive to fit to an old house than buying a system for a new house?

The cost would be about the same if the roofs were the same shape. If you are building a new house you can make sure the roof is optimally shaped and oriented for solar power. If you are building a new house, the relative cost of the solar panels compared to the overall cost of the house will be small.


Will solar panels damage my roof structure?

Your roof has been designed to carry a lot of weight and most roofs will hold panels without the need for reinforcement. The installer will design your solar power system to take account of the roof structure. Solar panels are placed over the top of any roof penetrations, and all penetrations are waterproofed so the roof won’t leak.


Will my solar panels survive a hailstorm?

Yes. Solar panels are made of toughened glass and are generally indestructible. They are also sloped so hail tends to glance off rather than hit directly.


Is my Solar system electrically safe?

Yes. The panels and inverters are tested to and meet the Australian Stand for Solar Electricity Grid Connected Systems.