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Smoking gun in South Melbourne energy battle

VOLUNTEERS from Friends of the Earth have tried to shed the smoke screen about brown coal greenhouse gas emissions.

A South Melbourne working bee made one of eight 3m smokestacks at South Melbourne Commons to represent the damage done to the environment by the Hazelwood Power Station in the Latrobe Valley.

Group spokeswoman Meg Ivory said the stacks were used as part of a public rally through Melbourne’s streets to protest against brown coal mining on November 6.

“We are calling for the entire power station to be replaced,” Ms Ivory said.

“The eight towering smokestacks have become a symbol of climate change in Victoria.”

Hazelwood is responsible for 15 per cent of Victoria’s greenhouse emissions.

Community groups joined Friends of the Earth, the Wilderness Society, Victorian National Parks Association and Environment Victoria at the march.

Brown coal fuels 93 per cent of the electricity generated in the state.