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As Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency claimed ”On 5 May 2011, the Government announced that the Solar Credits multiplier will be reduced to three for small-scale systems installed from 1 July 2011. The multiplier will then phase down by one each year consistent with the original intent of the Solar Credits multiplier reducing over time, until the multiplier is phased out by 1 July 2013.. Solar Credits is expected to still provide a substantial level of support to assist with the cost of installing solar panels and other small generation units.”



Solar power enquiries have surged recently with the looming reduction of the solar electricity rebate. The Solar Credits Rebate will be reduced by around $2,000 (exact reduction depends on where you live in Australia and the size of the solar system) for any solar electricity systems installed after June 30, giving those who want to a install solar panel system only a few shorts weeks to place their orders to guarantee installation before the deadline.